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Prattsburgh Town Councilman Steven Kula
at the Citizen Power Alliance 2010 Wind Conference

Hillary's Record PROOF she's UNFIT to be President

Hillary Clinton’s record is proof she’s unfit to be President

There's no doubt that both candidates who have any chance of winning this year’s Presidential election have many shortcomings.  Yes, Donald Trump's words from years ago were crude and indefensible.  However, they pale in comparison to the life-altering words and actions Hillary Clinton has actually said and done over her lifetime as a career politician.

Hillary defended the rapist of a twelve year-old girl, got the rapist off with a minimal charge, laughed about it on tape, and left the girl traumatized for life. Hillary also targeted the women her husband sexually assaulted over the years, in an attempt to destroy the victims of her husband's crimes, so that the Clintons' political careers would not be harmed. 

Let's consider just a few of Hillary’s long list of failures.

1) Hillary promised to create 200,000 jobs in Upstate NY while serving as a NYS Senator and living the high life in Westchester County. Upstate jobs actually declined over her time in office here.

2.) Four American heroes died in Benghazi while Hillary was Secretary of State, which Hillary’s campaign chair, John Podesta's leaked emails reveal "was preventable." Hillary ignored the victims’ repeated pleas for help - both prior to and during the 13 hour-long attack. Hillary then repeatedly lied to the deceased Americans’ family members for weeks until the truth was exposed. 

3.) The Middle East situation worsened terribly under Hillary’s term as Secretary of State (ie: the failed 'red line' in Syria; failed policy in Libya; the ill-planned Iraq withdrawal which led to the creation of ISIS; and the utter failure to contain ISIS).

4.) Hillary used her position as Secretary of State to orchestrate deals with foreign governments, resulting in huge pay-offs to the Clinton Foundation in return for favors – most notably, the Uranium One deal, which landed 20% of U.S. uranium in Russia's hands, as the Clinton Foundation benefitted immensely. See the New York Times report:

5.) Hillary’s behind-closed-doors deals with Billionaire Wall Street 'Green Gangsters' (ie: Elon Musk, Tom Steyer, etc.) enable these ‘green’ consumer frauds to exist, while enriching Hillary’s crony pals at taxpayers', ratepayers' and the environment's expense.

6.) Hillary’s time as Secretary of State under Obama also resulted in:
   a.) Failure to improve schools and inner-city living conditions;
   b.) Increased poverty, people on welfare and food stamps;
   c.) Decreased average household income and participation in the workforce, etc.

7.) Email-Gate: 33,000+ emails were deleted from Hillary's illegal server, while her computers and blackberries were destroyed with 'Bleach Bit' and hammers - after having been subpoenaed to hand them over. Richard Nixon was impeached for a lot less.

8.) In Hillary’s paid speeches to Brazilian Banks, Hillary revealed she wants "open trade" (calling TPP "the Gold Standard") and “open borders.”  (This should terrify every patriotic American citizen!)

9.) Hillary admits it's impossible to properly vet Syrian refugees, but she wants to increase the refugees they’re allowing into the U.S. by 550%.  U.S. taxpayers will be on the hook for the massive bill – adding to the unsustainable $20 Trillion dollar national debt - which has nearly doubled under Obama's reign. 

10.) Hillary does not want Voter ID, yet there’s proof that voter fraud is rampant everywhere. (See the New York City Democratic Commissioner admit to it here:

11.) Leaked Podesta emails reveal that Hillary and her campaign staff mocked Catholics and Evangelicals. (Can you imagine the outrage if Republicans had mocked Islam in this manner?) The Podesta emails also reveal they dissed Blacks, Hispanics, and Bernie supporters. Here's just a few of their revealed statements: Hillary "Hates everyday Americans," "Ignorant voters are the key to the win," and "Hillary wants unaware and compliant citizenry."

12.) Hillary claims she is “for children and families,” yet she supports abortion on demand through the 9th month. If you’ve never seen what this heinous act looks like, see this diagram:  
If Hillary does not care about protecting innocent babies' lives, what makes you think she will give one hoot about you or your family?  

13.) Hillary Clinton has made clear that she will appoint progressive Supreme Court justices who, like her, have no regard at all for human life, religious liberty, nor the 2nd Amendment.   

What this election boils down to is Trump’s vision for National Sovereignty, secure borders and an 'Americans first' mentality, versus Hillary’s push for globalism (aka: One World Order) with “open borders.” 

Frankly, I am far more offended by pictures of dead, aborted babies, and Ambassador Stevens' lifeless, tortured body in Benghazi, than anything that Donald Trump 'said' many years ago as a private citizen.    

Hillary Clinton’s lengthy list of utter failures, and her callous, immoral disregard for human life is exactly why Hillary Clinton should NEVER be President of the United States!  

Mary Kay Barton


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