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The Citizen Power Alliance is a coalition of independent groups organized to promote sound energy and environmental policy. CPA holds public officials and regulators accountable, while seeking the protection of the public interest.

Eco preservation demands fiscal responsibility and viable technological solutions. Community power requires government transparency and effective industrial regulation. Commerce must balance development and profit with responsible civic stewardship.

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Agenda 21 in New York State – Home Rule and Article X
by James Hall

Sustainability in All Things except Rational Thinking
by James Hall

Industrial Wind and the Wall Street Cap and Trade Fraud
by James Hall

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Prattsburgh Town Councilman Steven Kula
at the Citizen Power Alliance 2010 Wind Conference

America blighted by industrial wind
America Blighted By Industrial Wind:
Legislature Approves IDA Wind Farm Request | News, Sports, Jobs - Post Journal
#NewYork - Chautauqua County Legislature approved a resolution Wednesday requesting that the county IDA not approve further agreements for wind energy projects that produce more than 5 megawatts of power - NO PILOTs! Legislature Approves IDA Wind Farm Request Page One Mar 29, 2018 Katrina Fuller County Reporter Pictured are members of the Jamestown Raiders High School Club Hockey Team, who won the AAU state championship. The players were accompanied by their coach, Joe Gerace, and severa...
Eyes on the prize: Area’s rebate numbers sparse, but Wyoming County remains bullish on ‘green’
Batavia Daily News: Numbers sparse (only 6), but Wyoming County remains bullish on ‘green’ "Six people in Wyoming County" - what a sick joke! When the population of New York State is over 20 Million people, "$7.5 million in rebates for 5,750 consumers" means that each New York State resident who is well-enough off to have afforded their share of an electric vehicle, got to use over $1300 apiece of other people's money toward that purchase. What a blatant THEFT of other peoples' money! Once again, our energy-illiterate politicians & bureaucrats are doling out handouts to the rich at the expense of lower-income NYS residents, which ultimately drives the cost of electricity way up, and hurts the poor the most. It's a reverse Robin Hood scenario - they steal from the poor to give to the rich. And here's another major NEWS FLASH to all our energy-illiterate politicians & bureaucrats pushing this garbage --- When people plug in to charge their taxpayer/ratepayer-subsidized electric vehicle ('charging up' also appears to be at our expense), the electricity is coming from natural gas, nuclear, coal & hydro, and a measly amount (3%) is contributed by all "Other Renewables" combined (ie: wind, solar, geothermal, wood, biomass, etc). You can't guarantee where an electron is coming from when you 'plug in.' New York State politicians & bureaucrats (Republicans & Democrats alike) need look no further than their own mirrors to see who's responsible for driving this state into the sorry shape that it's in. WARSAW — It’s been a year since New York state launched the Drive Clean Rebate, awarding residents who purchase or lease a new electric car from participating dealers an incentive of up to $2,000 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support clean energy.
Your comments by April 6th can make a difference
Attention friends in Western #NewYork, and anyone who cares about preserving rural America and our bald eagles: Big Wind is targeting the area surrounding the Iriquois Wildlife Refuge, which is simply unacceptable! We highly urge everyone to get educated about the civil, environmental, and economic destruction the massive CONSUMER FRAUD of industrial wind causes, and make comments against this destructive project at the link given within the Rochester Birding Association article at All comments on the Preliminary Scoping Statement (PSS) must be received by no later than 4:30 p.m. on Friday, April 6, 2018, and labeled appropriately with the "Case Number 15-F-0546" at: Divide NYS into New Amsterdam & New York New York Divided American Eagle Foundation American Bird Conservancy Mothers Against Wind Turbines Save Ontario Shores Stop These Things Wind Concerns Ontario Wind Energy's Absurd Al Cecere Mark Duchamp Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation CFACT Heartland Institute Save the bald eagles Jim Wiegand AWED - Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition, Inc. - IICC American Energy Alliance Energy & Environment Legal Institute Heritage Wind Project Preliminary Scoping Statement: Your comments can make a difference. We have a second wind project in the area to pay attention to. This project is about 10 miles south of Lak…
FBI files detail former NY senator's corruption case
Sen Maziarz headed New York State's Energy Committee & the push for Cuomo's 'Power NY Act,' which removed 'Home Rule' from all NYS municipalities - clearing way for Big Wind to decimate rural New York State. Throw the bum in jail. FBI files detail former NY senator's corruption case - Maziarz directed Senate staffers to shred records as investigation loomed: Albany In April 2014, former state Sen. George D. Maziarz and members of his inner circle gathered in the lawmaker's legislative office in Albany for a private discussion about their retention of campaign finance records. The meeting took place not long after Maziarz, a powerful figure in western Ne...
Upstate, downstate NY flatlining in latest annual Census estimates : Empire Center for Public Policy
People are sick of the taxes, and tired of having 600 - 800 foot industrial wind turbines stuffed up their backsides, and the ridiculously high electricity rates that are a result of King Cuomo's 'green' delusions. More will be leaving. Wyoming County: Down 2 - 4%. When the population is only about 40,000 for the whole County, a 2 - 4% decline is fairly significant. Upstate, downstate NY flatlining in latest annual Census estimates : Empire Center for Public Policy:
Twenty-One Bad Things About Wind Energy - and Three Reasons Why - Master Resource
Twenty-One Bad Things About Wind Energy "A hundred-plus years ago, wind energy was recognized as an antiquated, unreliable and expensive source of energy – and now, after hundreds of billions of wasted tax and consumer dollars, we find that (surprise!) it still is an antiquated, unreliable and expensive source of energy. This is what happens when science is relegated to a back-of-the-bus status." [Editor note: This post updates the most read piece in the history of MasterResource. Last updated in 2012, the post began in ‘s previous iterations were “Wind Spin: Misdirection and Fluff by a Taxpayer-enabled Industry,” which was itself an update of “Fifteen Bad Things About Wind Energy, a...
Governor: New York State to Invest $3 Billion for Offshore wind
#NewYork State's Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted at his state of the state address that New York State is facing a $4.4 BILLION dollar budget deficit, as Cuomo simultaneously is literally throwing $4.4 BILLION into the wind. See: 1.) Governor: #NewYork State to Invest $3 Billion for #OffshoreWind: 2.) Governor Also Announces $1.4 Billion in Awards for 26 Large-Scale #RenewableEnergy Projects, the Largest Single Commitment to Renewable Energy by a State in U.S. History: The first step would be to issue an RFP for 800 MW of offshore wind off the coast of Long Island.
6 New Papers Unsheathe A Hushed-Up ‘Green’ Reality: Habitats Are Being Destroyed By Wind Turbines
They're finally just catching on to this reality?!? For all those communities that have already been destroyed by the wind mess, this is way too late! 6 New Papers Unsheathe A Hushed-Up ‘Green’ Reality: Habitats Are Being Destroyed By Wind Turbines:
MAILBAG: Siting of industrial wind turbines poses unacceptable risk to migrating birds
While I applaud the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) for speaking out against Apex's proposed 'Lighthouse Wind' project, it is really quite sad that supposed "#environmental" groups like this continue to give undue credibility to the massive environmentally-destructive CONSUMER FRAUD that is industrial wind by saying such things as, "Renewable energy, including #windenergy, is an important way to cut our dependence on #fossilfuels and address global #climatechange." There is absolutely NO PROOF that industrial wind has significantly mitigated #CO2 emissions that alarmists blame as a cause of climate change - NONE. By making it a siting issue - claiming the project along the shores of Lake Ontario is just in the wrong place - ABC gives industrial wind energy undue credibility, and just kicks the can down the road to the next poor community who is going to have to fight off these Big Wind bullies, making ABC the worst of the #NIMBYs (It's OK in somebody else's backyard, just not here.) Industrial Wind is A NET LOSER - Economically, Environmentally, Technically, and Civilly. Siting of industrial wind turbines poses unacceptable risk to migrating birds: I am writing to express the American Bird Conservancy’s concerns about Apex Clean Energy’s plan to build the Lighthouse Wind energy project in Niagara and Orleans counties. The project proposeshttp://
Sustainable Development: Code for Reorganizing Human Society - American Policy Center
#Sustainable Development: Code for Reorganizing Human Society: It’s in every community in the nation. We hear it talked about in county commission meetings and state legislatures. It’s even used in advertising as a positive practice for food processing and auto sales. It’s used as the model for building materials, power sources and...
Researchers Found They Could Hack Entire Wind Farms
While Russians are hacking electric grids, let's not forget... Researchers Found They Could Hack Entire Wind Farms: Hackers built proof-of-concept malware that can spread from turbine to turbine to paralyze or damage them.
Why Is Russian Gas in Boston Harbor?
Drew Johnson on how Russian elites benefit from restrictions on U.S. gas pipelines. This harms Americans (who pay more than necessary for energy). It harms the environment (because shipping gas from Russia consumes more resources and emits more pollution than piping it). And, there is evidence that Russia sponsored the environmental groups who pushed for those restrictions - Why is Russian Gas in Boston Harbor? Environmentalists’ war on #fossilfuels helps Vladimir #Putin: Environmentalists’ war on fossil fuels helps Vladimir Putin.
Once turbines arrive, say goodbye to peace, quiet | News, Sports, Jobs - Observer Today
Same sad story, different Town. WHEN are New York State elected officials going to WAKE UP and call for an END to the industrial wind CONSUMER FRAUD and its' resulting, needless destruction of New York State countrysides, communities and personal health, safety, & property rights of ALL New York State residents?!? Most infuriating is the sad fact that Mr. SIgourney, and countless others like him - now stuck living in the footprints of these noisy, land-intensive, sprawling messes - have been ASSAULTED with the use of their own taxpayer and ratepayer dollars by our energy-illiterate, greed-driven crony officials (the very people who took an oath to serve & PROTECT us from such egregious assaults). The wind scam began in 2000 in New York State. 18 years later, there are 20 installed wind factories blighting once-beautiful New York State countrysides, which are averaging a pathetic annual Capacity Factor (actual output) of approximately 25% - many days providing absolutely NOTHING at all. 18 years and $BILLIONS of tax & ratepayer dollars later, wind energy - designated together with ALL 'Other Renewables' (ie: wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, etc) are now providing a measly 3% of New York State's electricity generation. If wind turbines were cars, they would have been relegated to the junk yard immediately. Who among us would buy a car that operated only 25% of the time? You wouldn't. You couldn't afford to. It's just that simple. Once turbines arrive, say goodbye to peace, quiet: Once turbines arrive, say goodbye to peace, quiet Commentary Mar 12, 2017 KEVIN SIGOURNEY I sat in my living room reading this article last night with painfully throbbing ears and a headache, due to turbine noise that penetrates through the walls of my house. The noise kept me awake until 3 a.m. I h...
Andrew Cuomo on Twitter
Governor Andrew Cuomo is WASTING $BILLIONS more on the wind scam. BAD NEWS for ALL New York State taxpayers & ratepayers & our environment! @NYGovCuomo tweeted: ‏ New York will not stand by while the federal government launches an assault on our environment. Today I announced $1.4 billion in awards for 26 large-scale renewable energy projects across the state, the largest single commitment to renewable energy by a state in US history. “@algore New York will not stand by while the federal government launches an assault on our environment. Today I announced $1.4 billion in awards for 26 large-scale renewable energy projects across the state, the largest single commitment to renewable energy by a state in US history.”
Apex files 290-page document in response to concerns about turbine project in Yates, Somerset | Orleans Hub
Apex files 290-page document in response to concerns about turbine project in Yates, Somerset - Yates town supervisor calls filing ‘slipshod’ “The Town of Somerset is disappointed to report that Lighthouse Wind LLC, a subsidiary of Apex Clean Energy, has taken the next step in its plan to convert our entire Town into a sprawling industrial wind energy plant of massive proportions.".............. Yates town supervisor calls filing ‘slipshod’ File photo by Tom Rivers: The 400-foot-high wind turbines in Sheldon, Wyoming County, are pictured in Octoberhttp://
Solar, wind won't come in time in New York
Ya think?!? Since the first wind factories were installed in New York State in 2000, New York State now has 20 installed wind factories, which - combined with ALL other renewables (ie: solar, geothermal, biomass, wood, etc) - are still generating only a combined 3% of total electricity generation in the state. "A recent NYISO study says we'll have adequate replacement power for Indian Point if no fewer than three natural gas plants go on line by 2021: the Bayonne Energy Center, transmitting from New Jersey; the CVP Valley Energy Center, under construction in Orange County; and the Cricket Valley Energy Center, under construction in Dutchess County. As of now, neither Valley Energy Center nor Cricket Valley has received all the permits needed to become operational; the state has mysteriously blocked these approvals, as well as the approvals for the pipelines needed to supply them with natural gas...." - via @timesunion Anyone who's ever viewed the magnificent New York City skyline at night - glittering, vibrant, and reaching ever higher by the year - has seen the proof of how reliable power sources are to our economy and our quality of life in this state. For over 50 years, we've had a ready supply of 2,000 megawa...
Dear AWEA: There Are Wind Power Nuisance & Health Effects (complaints, studies large and growing) - Master Resource
Dear AWEA: There Are Wind Power Nuisance & Health Effects (complaints, studies large and growing) - “The wind industry says there are no independent studies proving the turbines cause health problems.” Scott McFetridge (Associated Press), “New Rebellion Against Wind Energy Stalls or Stops Projects, February 20, 2018. In “New Rebellion Against Wind Energy Stalls or Stops Projects,” Scott ...


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