RG&E launches Voice Your Choice campaign

Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. said today it is beginning this year's Voice Your Choice program under which customers are asked to choose an energy supplier and pricing plan for 2009.

The deadline for customers to choose is 7 p.m. Dec. 30.

The utility's electricity customers can select a particular energy supplier (either RG&E or some other energy services company) and energy pricing option (either a fixed or variable rate) for 2009.

Current RG&E customers who do not make a choice will automatically be put into the RG&E variable price option, where the electricity supply price moves as the market price for electricity changes.

Information about the energy service company options is available at www.rge.com, by calling (800) 743-8926 or in the Voice Your Choice enrollment material coming in the mail by Nov. 13.

RG&E has 360,000 electricity customers in a nine-county region around Rochester and the Finger Lakes.


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