NYSEG Plans To Expand

Bath, N.Y. - NYSEG plans to expand its electric capacity in Steuben County.

New electric lines and towers will run along a nine mile stretch starting from Campbell to Erwin, Painted Post and up to Corning's industrial area. The $50 million dollar upgrade of electric capacity will benefit new and existing businesses and create job opportunities.

"It's a good thing," said Steuben County Administrator Mark Alger. "There is no issue that they should be concerned with. It's a good thing for the whole county because it increases the capacity and in the long run, it should lead to more jobs."

The Steuben County Industrial Development Agency approved a package of tax incentives for the project called a Pilot Project. With Pilot Projects, NYSEG will pay annual payments instead of property taxes for the next twenty years. It has not been announced yet where NYSEG will place its new towers.


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