New Congress disbands global warming committee

With new leadership taking control of the United States House of Representatives changes were sure to come. One of the biggest and most notable is the dissolution of the Select Committee for Energy Independence and Global Warming.

Created by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2006 and chaired by Representative Ed Markey, the committee was charged with pushing a ‘green’ agenda. In its short lifespan the group undertook an aggressive agenda with its biggest highlight being the passing of a cap and trade tax plan.

With Republicans officially taking power in the House yesterday they followed through on their promise to disband the committee. New Speaker of the House John Boehner said that the work done by the committee would be folded into others and result in a cost savings.

As a closing act the committee’s leadership released a report outlining what it felt were its most significant achievements. The report heralds the Select Committee’s “work in raising the profile of energy and climate issues, and spurring increased debate.”

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