Shale Progress In New York, Setback?

Leroy Township, Pa. - Some policy makers predict it's only a matter of time before marcellus shale drilling gets the "green light" in New York State. But will recent drilling "set backs" delay or prevent drilling in New York?

Just last week, a gas well in Leroy Township, in northern Pennsylvania, exploded. As a result, thousands of gallons of fracking fluid leaked into streams and fields.
New York State Assemblyman Phil Palmesano says this is a prime example why New York State is taking its time.

Palmesano said, “I think that's just another example of some concerns that have been raised by people relative to this issue. I think that's something New York is looking at. Everyone I've talked to wants to, if and when this moves forward, make sure that it's done safely and responsibly.”

Policy makers say the New York State D.E.C. is coming out with their final environmental report in mid June. They say accidents like the explosion in Pennsylvania are unfortunate. But it shouldn't stop the progress New York State has made with the marcellus shale.


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