A number of the public expressed their views on hydrofracking, wanting the Town Board to adopt a “ban or moratorium” on the method. Hydrofracking remains a heavily debated issue which NY State Legislators will eventually have to decide on. Dansville’s Town Supervisor, Michael D. Willis, said “we want to remain neutral” and that “there isn’t anything to prevent right now”.

“You’re in a no-win situation because there are two sides to the story”, said one resident, “you have to remain neutral because either way, someone is going to be unhappy”. Another citizen cited materials used by hydrofracking: “we don’t know what chemicals they are using, we don’t know what chemicals they are bringing into the community, and what they are going to affect”.

Whichever view one may hold about hydrofracking in New York, hydrofracking will continue to be a hot-button issue for quite some time to come.


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