Anti-hydrofrackers turning up the heat on Cuomo

As the state Department of Environmental Conservation continues to prepare its final recommendations on hydrofracking, anti-hydrofracking activists are ramping up their efforts aimed at Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The past week has seen a number of scheduled protests and rallies pop up, as well as a television advertisement targeting Cuomo that launched in the Southern Tier yesterday.

Yesterday, dozens of protesters stood across the street from a policy conference hosted by Cuomo and the state Democratic Committee, hoisting mock campaign signs that read “Don’t Frack New York.” Two of them crashed the conference and staged a demonstration before they were escorted out.

Today, New Yorkers Against Fracking—a coalition of anti-fracking groups—was in suburban Syracuse, where they lined the entrance for the opening of The Great New York State Fair. (The photo at left is from the coalition’s Facebook page.) Opening day has traditionally known as Governor’s Day, where the state’s chief executive tours the fairgrounds and officially cuts the ribbon.

Next week will bring two other events staged by the activists. On Monday, several groups will march across downtown Albany, making stops at the DEC headquarters and the state Capitol along the way.

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