The Devil Went Down to Orangeville, by Cathi Orr - Clear Skies Over Orangeville

"The Devil went down to Orangeville. He was looking for souls to steal ... He was in a bind because he was way behind and he was willing to make a deal ..."

He came upon the Orangeville politicians and they were willing to sell their town for personal financial gain ... and so the backroom deal started with several Town Board members, Planning and Zoning Board officials, friends and families. The Devil knew of the oaths of public office ... to protect health, safety and welfare of the taxpaying landowners of Orangeville ... so a Devil’s Deal would be made all the sweeter if he could get these public officials to turn their backs on their oaths of public office ... and on the very people who trusted them with their vote. And a Devil’s Deal was struck ... very sweet indeed.

Congratulations to Councilman Tom Schabloski whose personal real estate is now home to several 43-story-tall industrial-scale wind turbines........
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