What we are witnessing here in WNY is that all the 'economic development' programs coming out of Albany and being funneled down to Upstate, Central & Western NY communities (via cronyism-driven IDAs & EDCs), are all geared toward the rich and connected, and are failing to create the jobs they've promised - most notably, the $Billions that are being funneled to industrial wind & solar developers. Multi-billion dollar corporations (ie: Iberdrola, Invenergy, Tesla/SolarCity, etc) are taking New York State tax and ratepayers to the cleaners, while the areas that host these environmentally-destructive projects are left with few, if any, meaningful permanent jobs. Next on the list of Albany's wasteful spending ventures is all of the taxpayer money that's being doled out to "craft breweries" and gambling venues across the state. The hypocrisy of doling out $Billions to establish breweries & gambling casinos is that the addiction surrounding these venues leads to further moral & community decline and increased health care costs in our state. The CDC figures that at least 88,000 people die from alcohol abuse every year - nearly twice the deaths they figure are being caused by the opiod crisis. So why are we spending taxpayer money to push more alcohol intake??? Not to mention, the people who got the sizable state donations in my area were already wealthy restauranteurs. WHY should they be entitled to OUR taxpayer money to start another business, when so many small and existing businesses who are struggling to make ends meet are left to fend for themselves?!? As State officials continue to pick and choose the winners & losers in what they deem to be appropriate 'economic development,' New York State residents will continue to flee the state to escape the high tax burdens & "skyrocketing electricity rates" we are all enduring as a result. Corruption and “Economic Development” in #NewYork State: https://ift.tt/2Ek90Iu https://ift.tt/2Ek90Iu E.J. McMahon and Seth Barron discuss recent corruption cases in New York and how the state government in Albany is attempting to revitalize struggling areas with “economic-development” programs.https://ift.tt/2zdPuzM


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