PSC Offers Grants For Energy Production

The New York State Public Service Commission has changed its landmark Renewable Portfolio Standard program to provide an additional $42.6 million in grants to assist residential and commercial consumers throughout New York State to install solar panels and other types of electricity-producing equipment.

“Development of renewable, clean energy generation is of paramount necessity in New York because of its positive environmental benefits,” said commission chairman Garry Brown. “Today, we are substantially improving the financial assistance provided to consumers interested in producing their own electricity. The renewable energy produced will replace electricity traditionally purchased from the local utility. As an added bonus, participating consumers can sell excess electricity that they generate to the utility; helping offset demand elsewhere.”

As authorized, $20.6 million is being made available to install solar photovoltaic systems. In addition, $7.6 million is being made available to install anaerobic digester biogas systems, which convert the energy stored in organic materials into biogas, which is fed directly into a combustion turbine to generate electricity. Finally, $18.8 million is being set aside to pay for evaluation, measurement and verification of these renewable energy technologies, as well as to provide discretionary funding to respond to changing market needs. The financial resources are available for self-generation, “behind-the-meter” facilities located in New York.

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