Wind ethics code created

In the wake of numerous complaints over potentially unethical activity, the state attorney general has created a voluntary Wind Industry Ethics Code for wind power developers and municipal officials.

In a Thursday press conference at the state Capitol, Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo called the code an "institutional resolution" to investigations into the activities of two wind developers alleged to have engaged in improper dealings with local officials and anticompetitive practices.

James H. Madden, project manager for BP Alternative Energy's wind farm at Cape Vincent, said he hadn't seen or heard about the code and BP would have to review it before signing on.

"I would expect that we would be deposed to sign it," he said. "We support standards for the entire industry."


Spokesmen for Iberdrola, developer of Maple Ridge and Horse Creek wind farms, Acciona, developer of the St. Lawrence Wind Farm, and Babcock & Brown, the company behind the proposed Galloo Island project, did not return calls for comment by Thursday evening.

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