Sierra Club is doing a big push to contact Cuomo and support his support of industrial wind. We need a bigger push against it. PLEASE email the Governor and demand a moratorium on industrial wind and a full investigation of all existing wind projects.  Please ask everyone fighting wind to do the same.

This is what I said.

We need a moratorium on industrial wind. I demand that NY fully investigates all current wind projects before any more of my money is given to the wind industry.

NY need laws to protect us against these industrial machines, NY need a moratorium on wind to create laws that protect citizens who are forced to live in proximity to these huge industrial machines and have health issues as a result.

NY need to demand proof from existing wind projects of the amount of  power that went to the grid and how much power was used by the turbines, at what cost, with proof that reductions in emissions have occurred as a result of turbine operation.  How much of a reduction and from where.

NY needs proof of the number of NY citizens who have actually been employed as a result of these projects.

Jobs are overstated, benefits are overstated, harm is understated. 

NY needs  investigations of existing wind projects and convictions of town board members who have accepted payments (bribes)  for their support of wind projects.

Nancy Wahlstrom


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