Wind Turbines in Charlotte? Debate Powers Up

Dozens of people gathered in Charlotte Monday night to voice their concerns about a proposed project the could bring up to 144 wind turbines to the waters of Lake Ontario.

"The decisions are being made out of the public eye," says Dave Knak, whose house sits right on the edge of the lake in Greece.

The New York State Power Authority first started spinning the idea of an offshore wind farm in 2009, but since then, lakeshore residents have stood up almost unanimously against the idea.

"I understand the need for energy. But to import these turbines from China doesn't make sense," Knak adds.

On Monday evening at the Robach Community Center in Charlotte, the recently formed Great Lakes Concerned Citizens group met to discuss the plan. Among their biggest concerns: what the turbines would do to the view, where the electricity generated would go to and the environmental impact of the structures.

"They wanna put this project two miles out in the lake, that's nothing, that's like the Xerox building rising up from the lake in front of my house," said Mary Isselhard who heads the group.

No one from NYSPA was at Monday's meeting and so far no final vote has been made on the plan already shot down by a handful of other communities.


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