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Prattsburgh Town Councilman Steven Kula
at the Citizen Power Alliance 2010 Wind Conference

Officials need to answer questions regarding 'Green Wyoming' claims
Officials need to answer questions regarding 'Green Wyoming' claims
After reading the Batavia Daily News report, Working to build a 'Green Wyoming'we have some questions we hope Wyoming County Economic Development Director, Jim Daly, can answer for all of us.  
Mr. Daly said, “We’ve been discussing starting a ‘Green Wyoming’… The goal is cheaper electric rates for county residents and businesses… The savings would be generated by renewable energy."  
We are sure Mr. Daly will understand our difficulty buying in on these claims, considering the fact that Wyoming County has been developing ‘renewables’ off the backs of taxpayers and ratepayers for more than a decade now. Meanwhile, our electric rates have continued to climb and New York State has maintained some of the highest rates in the nation.
We are hoping Mr. Daly and our Wyoming County leaders could share with all of us the research and the cost-benefit analysis -- derived from the experience of others long-invested in the pursuit of 'renewables' worldwide -- that they have done to verify their specious claims? (See: Renewables In Europe Average 16 Times More Expensive Than Gas-Fired Power: )

We are also wondering if Mr. Daly understands the complete contradiction contained with his claim that someone can “…generate 100 percent of all their electric," while he flippantly admitted they still have to “…use the regular power grid…" when their favored, unreliable ‘renewable’ source is missing in action? 
Do Mr. Daly and Wyoming County officials understand that it is all the rest of us who get to foot the bill for this redundant, Politically-correct power? (see: )?

We are wondering if Wyoming County officials understand that solar energy is probably the absolute worst energy source to propose for cloudy New York State – unavailable at night and on cloudy days (which is well over half of the year here in WNY), and with an awful Capacity Factor of around 10%?  (See: Dear Northeast, How’s that solar working out for ya? )
Do County officials have any idea how much has already been spent on unreliable ‘renewables’ to date, which is contributing to our $18 TRILLION dollar debt? (See: $TRILLIONS Spent: Zero CO2 Abated: )
To be clear, no one objects to 'green' energy per se, as long as those pursuing it are using their OWN money to do so.  Yet, what New York State officials continue to perpetuate is a system of robbing Peter to pay Paul.  The rich can afford to buy in on these ‘green’ energy sources du jour, while those who cannot afford to, get to shoulder the costs.
Taxpayer and ratepayer-funded ‘grants,’ incentives and/or subsidies being handed down from the Obama and Cuomo administrations are what is driving the pursuit of these 'green' schemes.  They act only to transfer the wealth from the general population into the pockets of  'renewable' developers who know how to work the system, and the few who can afford their hefty share of 'going green.'  The end result will be to continue to "skyrocket electricity rates" -- just as President Obama forewarned his green energy policy would do -- which ultimately hurts the poor the most.
Let’s hope New York State officials wake up before they follow the Pied Piper over the 'green' cliff, and thrust ever more people into "energy poverty" - defined in Europe as being when a person's power bills are over 10% of their income.  Too many people are already there.
Tireless advocate for scientifically-sound, reliable, affordable electricity for ALL Americans,
Mary Kay Barton

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