I live in Wyoming County, where 308 industrial wind turbines now litter the once-beautiful Wyoming County hills throughout five (5) entire Towns on the west side of the Warsaw Valley, and negatively-impact others for miles around. If it were not for many good citizens getting educated and involved, Wyoming County was slated to have over 2,000 of these useless, bird-chopping industrial machines littering the entire County.  Nobody is getting "Free" or reduced rate electricity here (New York State electricity rates are some of the highest in the nation), and few, if any, meaningful permanent jobs were created either.  Yet, Wyoming County taxes have increased EVERY YEAR for the past 12 years (another 9.68% this year), and the population of the County has decreased by 2.2% since 2010.  So much for all the claims that "Wind will save the County."

Because so many people across New York State were having success at warding off these ill-conceived industrial wind factories, Governor Cuomo spurred the passage of his "Power NY Act"/"Article X" - which has effectively usurped the Constitutional rights of New York State municipalities to decide for themselves what they wish their Towns to look like 20, 40, and 60+ years down the road. These decisions will now be made by an unelected board of bureaucrats in Albany - many of whom have ties to the wind industry. WE ARE NOT FREE to decide for ourselves in New York State.

While Governor Cuomo did a 6-year health study on "fracking" which led him to determine he "wouldn't want his family living near a fracking well," Cuomo has NEVER done any independent health studies on the proven negative impacts of the "infrasound" generated by industrial wind factories, before first inflicting these antiquated sprawling dumps of metal, rare earth elements mined in China, oil, cement (1,000+ tons per base), and 11-TON, non-recyclable, carbon-filament blades on top of New York State citizens across New York State.  (Citizens in Orangeville, NY are now suing Invenergy for $40 Million in damages due to the negative impacts they are suffering.)

CUOMO HAS BEEN CRIMINALLY-NEGLIGENT in his duties to first and foremost, protect the health, safety and welfare of all of his constituents, and to prevent FRAUD from being perpetrated upon them.  But alas, donations from Big Energy Corporations to his campaign coffers mean more than the people he is supposed to be serving & protecting.

It certainly would be refreshing if an "investigative news reporter" would actually have enough guts to ask Governor Cuomo if HE would buy and move HIS FAMILY into a home within the sprawling footprint of these sprawling industrial wind factories - with their giant 400-600 foot, infrasound-emitting machines, and their 11-TON bird-chopping blades spinning overhead - only hundreds of feet from those homes???

I have yet to meet a single person who can honestly say that they would.

Let's be real - We know the Governor would NEVER move into a home within the footprint of an industrial wind factory -- but Cuomo has NO PROBLEM inflicting this disaster onto rural New York State residents, and rendering their homes virtually worthless. To add insult to injury, these same citizens are being ASSAULTED with their own money, as all of us are paying for the scam of wind with our taxpayer & ratepayer dollars -- which is subsidizing the building of these wind factories to the tune of 80% of the total cost of these projects.  It is shameful, criminal, and simply un-American.

Contrary to all the bogus claims being made by these multi-national wind snake-oil salesmen -- who have NO allegiance to anyone or anything, other than tapping into U.S. taxpayers & ratepayers pockets to pad their bottom lines -- there is plenty of information available that highlights what a SCAM industrial wind is.

Here in Wyoming County, wind salesmen were overheard to say in a local restaurant, "We're going to get rich off of these hicks."  Sadly, because most people don't even know the difference between energy and power, their audacious prophecy continues to become reality in many places across the nation.  See:


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