Iberdrola has submitted a divestiture plan to the New York Public Service Commission for approval to sell five assets as part of its EUR6.091 billion ($8.49 billion) acquisition of Energy East.

The company is seeking approval to sell:

* 275 MW coal-fired Russell Station in Greece, N.Y., that permanently ...

Path of power lines revised

Upstate NY Power Corp. will soon apply for a state certificate for a greatly revised transmission line to connect the proposed Galloo Island Wind Farm to the state grid.

Upstate NY Power ran a public notice in the Watertown Daily Times on Monday, a required step before submitting an application for a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need from the state Public Service Commission. The notice said the application would be filed on or around Dec. 31.

The new map shows a route that, after landfall, runs much closer to Henderson Bay, then runs south and east of Belleville, possibly using a former electric power line right of way. Instead of running to Albion and Parish, the new route goes through the village of Pulaski into the town of Mexico.

The old route generally was farther to the west. In some spots, the new route is well east of the old one.

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