FACT: Millions of Bird & Bats SLAUGHTERED annually by industrial wind - for NO justifiable reason!

We’ve all seen them – The typical, wind industry sales pitches that try to deceive people about the massive bird and bat slaughter that is being caused by industrial wind factories worldwide.  Like anyone suffering from denial of bad behavior, the wind industry attempts to distract from the avian slaughter industrial wind turbines are causing annually by pointing the finger of blame at other sources of bird and bat deaths.  This wind industry propaganda is inaccurate for more than one reason.

The wind industry likes to claim that cars, cats, and buildings kill more birds and bats than wind turbines do.  In fact: Cars, cats and buildings do NOT typically kill Bald & Golden Eagles, condors, whooping cranes, and other raptors -- Industrial wind turbines do!

Another fact wind industry salesmen leave out of their purposeful deception is that, when combined, there are hundreds of BILLIONS of cars, cats and buildings worldwide.  Juxtapose that with the fact that there are only about 250,000 industrial wind turbines worldwide (approximately 45,100 of those are in the USA, according to the American Wind Energy Association - AWEA), and the deception becomes obvious.

Furthermore, those billions of cars and buildings have greatly improved the quality of life for billions of people worldwide.  It can even be said that cats improve our quality of life since they keep disease-carrying rodents under control. 

Industrial wind turbines do exactly the opposite – industrializing and devaluing entire Towns and Counties, and destroying the quality of life for those stuck living TOO CLOSE, while providing - at best - a redundant energy source that can NOT provide reliable, dispatchable baseload power.

Then there is the massive Habitat Fragmentation that the sprawling footprints of industrial wind factories create.  Since habitat loss has been cited as the major cause of species decline worldwide, the additional deaths caused by wind factory-created habitat loss is inexcusable, and the exact opposite result true environmentalists espouse to hold dear.

The whole fiasco becomes even more disgusting when you consider the fact that the very reason the wind industry exists is because of their claims that wind power will reduce CO2 emissions.  Yet, CO2 emissions have NOT been significantly reduced by industrial wind factories, nor have any conventional power plants been shuttered - anywhere, thanks to wind.   The fact is:

Industrial wind turbines are an additive source of bird and bat deaths - for NO justifiable reason!

Industrial wind can NOT replace our reliable, dispatchable baseload generators because wind provides virtually NO Capacity Value, or firm capacity (specified amounts of power on demand).  Thus, wind needs constant "shadow capacity" from our reliable generators, to cover for wind's volatile, skittering flux on the grid; and/or to step in when the wind stops blowing, isn't blowing hard enough, or is blowing too hard.  Thus, taxpayers and ratepayers are paying twice for the redundant generation provided by these giant "Cuisinarts of the sky" (as a Sierra Club official dubbed wind turbines in a moment of candor).

The fact that President Obama had to sign a special EAGLE-KILL permit law solely for the wind industry, serves to highlight the absolute hypocrisy of wind salesmen and proponents who claim they wish to "save the environment," while purposely working to slaughter our national symbol – the Bald Eagle (along with MILLIONS of other birds and bats annually) -- in the name of this ‘greenFRAUD

The jig is up fellas.  Industrial wind is proven to be a NET LOSEReconomically, environmentally, technically, and civilly worldwide.   Thus, we must insist:

STOP SLAUGHTERING OUR EAGLES, and other birds and bats, with USELESS industrial wind turbines!

~ Mary Kay Barton
Mary Kay Barton is a retired health educator, New York State small business owner, Cornell-certified Master Gardener, and is a tireless advocate for scientifically sound, affordable, and reliable electricity for all Americans. She has served over the past decade in local Water Quality organizations and enjoys gardening and birding in her National Wildlife Federation “Backyard Wildlife Habitat.”

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