James Delingpole: Donald J. Trump has asked the question which the #renewables industry would rather not answer - ‘What Happens When the #wind Doesn‘t Blow?‘ http://bit.ly/2MCjCuD via @BreitbartNews #Trump #WindEnergy #BigWindABigScam #swindle #greenenergy #cronyism https://bit.ly/2MCjCuD Donald Trump has asked the question which the renewables industry would rather not answer: "What happens when the wind doesn't blow?"https://ift.tt/2zdPuzM

Reality Bites: 'Transition' to All #wind & #solar Powered Future Pure Fantasy: https://ift.tt/2PV4zLe via Stop These Things https://ift.tt/2PV4zLe Plenty of destructive ideas have been launched on the back of well-crafted propaganda campaigns. The wind and solar industries have used every trick in the PR book, turning pure fantasy into an all…https://ift.tt/2zdPuzM

President Donald J. Trump on "Crazy Wind Noise" in #Indiana last night - https://ift.tt/2CbZwmC https://ift.tt/2CbZwmC FAIR USE NOTICE: This website may reproduce or have links to copyrighted material the use of which has not been expressly authorized by…https://ift.tt/2zdPuzM

From the Files: The #NewYork #windfarm scam, via CFACT: https://ift.tt/2wDcvsH https://ift.tt/2wDcvsH https://ift.tt/2zdPuzM

Big Wind Bullies NexTerror are violating the law - putting up new industrial wind turbines without the needed federal approval, in violation of a recently approved state law in OK intended to protect airspace around military installations: https://ift.tt/2PUvYwY https://ift.tt/2PUvYwY The actions of a Florida-based energy company are proving to be a test case for a new law intended to protect what many believe is Oklahoma's most valuable military asset -- air space.https://ift.tt/2zdPuzM

Another Blade fail, or as the wind industry has dubbed them - another "component liberation" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1R31p1q14SU&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1R31p1q14SU&feature=youtu.be Residents are expressing concern after a blade from a wind turbine in Ocotillo broke off and fell to the ground Wednesday night.https://ift.tt/2zdPuzM

Tucker Carlson Do Wind Turbines Decrease Our Safety & Military Readiness 8/18/2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=p0tg6LlR5lE https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=p0tg6LlR5lE Even if you don't hit SUBSCRIBE, I will continue to bring you these videos. BUT. I really wish you would. "It's a proven fact that generosity makes you happi...https://ift.tt/2zdPuzM

https://ift.tt/2OAwSNH Tucker Carlson (click on the picture above or the "Tucker Carlson" link below to go to thehttp://https://ift.tt/2zdPuzM

NY Wasted $5 Million On Five Wind Turbines That Don’t Even Work https://ift.tt/2ANB1f8 https://ift.tt/2ANB1f8 As NY Gov. Cuomo blocks pipelines from delivering low-cost natural gas to New England, he will throw millions at green-energy boondoggles that don't even work.https://ift.tt/2zdPuzM

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