New York to Study Smart Grid Regulatory Policies

The New York State Public Service Commission has initiated a proceeding to determine what regulatory policies will best promote development of the smart grid. Commission Chairman Garry Brown says, “The smart grid and the modernization of the electric grid hold great potential for the state’s ratepayers. However, the Commission must be very thoughtful and deliberate before it decides whether to invest ratepayer money in the smart grid over the next decade. This proceeding will help us discover the opportunities and pitfalls that might exist.”

The Commission will solicit input from both the public and power industry for suggestions on shaping and building the smart grid. In addition to soliciting comments from traditional utilities, the Commission also wants to talk to telecommunication companies, computer software and hardware providers, internet developers, consumer advocates and other interested parties as it moves forward with developing its smart grid technology road map.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has funded and accelerated the modernization and technological enhancement of the smart grid, including several New York projects which all together received $256 million in stimulus money.

Chairman Brown says the smart grid promises “the deployment of new technologies that could help utilities become more efficient and help modernize the existing transmission and distribution grid. If done smartly, with a close eye toward future possibilities, this modernization will help utilities streamline and manage their operations while empowering consumers with a far-greater ability to control electricity consumption and costs. This would clearly be a win for all parties.”

When the proceedings are finished, the Commission’s findings may be obtained by going to the Documents section of the Commission’s Web site at and entering case number 09-M-0074 or 10-E-0285.


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