PSC to audit NYSEG

REGION The state Public Service Commission has begun the lengthy process of conducting a management audit of Iberdrola USA's New York utilities: Rochester Gas and Electric Corp. and New York State Electric & Gas Corp., both with headquarters in Rochester.

The PSC will solicit an independent consultant to conduct the audit, noting that Iberdrola "has an international corporate structure that differs from most other electric and gas utilities in New York state."

Iberdrola SA, the parent of Iberdrola USA, is based in Bilbao, Spain.

The PSC said the audit will focus on the utilities' construction programs and operational efficiency, and how the New York operations and ratepayers are affected by decisions made outside of the state.

Completion of the audit isn't expected until May 2012.

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  1. Jen said...

    Once the audit is released will it produce any action?


    What do you think? Most likely nothing will happen.

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