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Welcome to the Fingerlakes Activists website! We are dedicated towards fostering the growth of an online community of concerned citizens that can freely interact, collaborate, and share thoughts and opinions. You do not have to consider yourself to be an activist to participate; all you need is a concern about what it happening around us. Issues such as hydrofracking as well as drastic state budget cuts can cause enormous anxiety for some. The forum may provide comfort in knowing there are other like-minded people in your area that share the similar concerns and would like to collaborate towards creating solutions. If this is your first visit to an online forum and you need help getting started, don't be alarmed as a forum is just as easy to use as your standard email protocol and in many ways it is very similar. Click the link above labeled "Learn to navigate and use the forum" to get started. Or click the link below to jump right into the forum... I guarantee you will find it to be fun, educational, and supportive!

Fingerlakes Activists Forum


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