Opponents and supporters of Chemung County's efforts to increase the county landfill's waste acceptance limit can both claim some degree of victory in a decision by the state's environmental chief.

State Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joseph Martens has upheld a decision by an administrative law judge. In a decision dated Aug. 4, Martens said issues concerning Marcellus Shale wastes brought to the landfill from Pennsylvania are irrelevant to the county's application to increase the annual waste limit.

Martens said several issues, however, require additional review regarding operating procedures that govern the disposal of drill cuttings at the landfill.

"We certainly anticipated a favorable outcome," Deputy County Executive Michael Krusen said Monday. "We had no reason to believe otherwise."

The county and its private landfill management company, Casella Waste Management, have applied to the DEC to modify a state permit to increase the maximum waste acceptance limit at the landfill from 120,000 tons per year to 180,000 tons per year.

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