Hydrofracking ban in the works for town of Almond

Almond, N.Y. — Hydrofracking is not only a hot issue in Alfred, but the Town of Almond as well.

The town, in July, had made resolution to put a moratorium for year to study the situation and at the regular monthly meeting on Monday, there were a few residents with concerns that the moratorium would not protect the town.

Superintendent Richard Stuart said board members have contacted the town lawyer, David Pullen, and will be contacting David Slottje, executive director and senior attorney with the Community Environmental Defense Council, Inc., who has worked with Alfred in developing a local law to ban high-volume hydraulic fracturing.

The residents also presented a petition with approximately 60 names to ban the process within the town. However, Stuart said he believes there are residents who are in support of the industry.

Stuart said one resident commented that there were many people in the town who refused to sign the petition against hydrofracking during Almond community days in September, though at the regular monthly meeting there was no talk in support of the industry.

The board will be looking into creating a local law against hydrofracking and will set up a time for a public hearing at the November meeting.


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