Editors Note: If industrial wind want to be involved in writing the Article X rules, the Citizen Power Alliance want the same option.

Doug Ward was asked to participate on a panel discussing the new Article X power plant siting legislation at the Alliance for Clean Energy New York’s (ACENY) 5th Annual Membership meeting and fall conference. Mr. Ward has served as counsel for ACENY and was involved in passage of the Article X legislation.

The new Article X legislation will apply to all electric generating facilities that are proposed to be 25 MW or larger. Mr. Ward’s presentation focused on the applicability of the new Article X to renewable energy facilities and the implications of the new siting process. The State DEC and PSC are required to enact regulations within one year. Mr. Ward said that he sees the rule making process as an opportunity for the wind industry to make the Article X process work for the siting of wind energy projects.



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