City of Canandaigua to discuss hydrofracking

High volume hydraulic fracturing — hydrofracking — will be discussed Tuesday at the Canandaigua City, said Councilmember Meg Reston. No action will be taken, but Reston said a possible moratorium on the controversial gas drilling procedure would be part of the conversation.

“We’ll be discussing whether a moratorium is something the city would consider; it’d give us time to look at our zoning ... If (fracking) is going to happen, we want to know how it’ll affect the city,” Reston said. “We’re still in the embryonic stages of talking about it.”

While Reston feels that it will be unlikely that hydrofracking will be allowed within city limits, she said there are still other issues to contend with, including concerns with the trucks that transport sludge taken from other hydrofracking sites.

She added that the city council was looking to hear public opinion on the issue. They’ll also get advice from David Slottje, executive director and senior attorney for the Community Environmental Defense Council, a not-for-profit public interest firm.


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