Alfred Might Ban Hydrofracking

The Town of Alfred is now two months into their moratorium on hydrofracking. At Thursday night’s Alfred Town Board meeting, Alfred resident Graham Marks talked about this week’s Alfred Town Planning Board meeting. According to Marks, there seemed to be a general consensus at the planning board meeting that Alfred residents were in favor of banning any possible hydrofracking projects in Alfred. “At the meeting, that there was just a sense of “let’s get on with it, let’s just start working on a ban,” said Marks.

Alfred Town Board member Mary Stearns replied that the town would like to get the road agreement completed, before any vote on a ban took place. “As soon as they get that done, we’ll have the planning board start looking, and try to pick out what they think is the best (plan), and then they send it back to us to look at,” Stearns said. “But we would like to get this road agreement done first.”

Alfred officials have been studying hydrofracking-related laws in Yates and Tompkins counties.

After the meeting, Stearns confirmed what Marks said about Alfred and hydrofracking. “There are a lot of people encouraging us to go to the ban,” Stearns told WLEA/WCKR.


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