The wind energy industry - putting renewable energy above treasured wildlife - is seeking America’s first ever permit to kill golden eagles.

The Shiloh IV Wind Project, a large Solano County, Calif., wind farm, would be allowed to kill five golden eagles a year for five years under a draft plan released Thursday by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

If the plan is approved, the farm would make history as the first renewable energy project afforded a permit to kill eagles, the Chronicle reported.

A 2008 study funded by the Alameda County Community Development Agency estimated that 10,000 birds, mostly protected species, are killed every year at a single wind farm in Altamont Pass, Calif, according to Fox News.

The Audubon Society and other organizations have been pushing for stronger regulations....

“A violation of the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act can result in a fine of $100,000 ($200,000 for organizations), imprisonment for one year, or both, for a first offense. Penalties increase substantially for additional offenses, and a second violation of this Act is a felony,” according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services.

But with the involvement of the Department of Justice and its leftist ways, would this majestic raptor ever receive justice? Or would Eric Holder consider such a pursuit “for the birds”?

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