Chris Horner is Captain America in my Book

I get a news mag Military, that includes essays by Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media (AIM).

An AIM interview of Chris Horner, an author and speaker I knew from his work on enviro and climate affairs caught my eye.

Now I am mad as hell.

The interview of Chris Horner is by AIM editor Roger Aronoff who just gets out of the way and lets Horner tell his explosive story of exposing the corruption in the US EPA and the administration of the Executive Branch.

I am still so outraged and alarmed it is hard to articulate.

Horner is a lawyer and investigator for Competitive Enterprise Institute who exposed the Richard Windsor scandal, Lisa Jackson, former Administrator of the US EPA was using the email internet alias Richard Windsor to run US EPA sensitive and probably illegal political projects and campaigns and only hard driving Freedom of Information Request efforts by Horner exposed the nature of the deceptions and misconduct.

The AIM interview discusses at length the Horner project to expose the political machinations of the current administration and the lead agency on regulatory and environmental affairs. Horner is smart enough to understand and explain the implications of his discoveries.

The interview is long so it requires a serious effort,but it is stunning. Horner knows the US EPA very well, in all its perfidy.

I knew Horner was doing important work because Milloy is working with him, but his interview will alarm the serious citizen to an extreme.

You care enough to find out how the government may be beyond redemption? The interview is very troubling.  

Hear the interview here:


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