Dead Eagle Data: Buffet/Berkshire/PacifiCorp Don’t Want You to Know (Part 1)

By Jim Wiegand -- December 11, 2014 on
“The courts must reject the PacifiCorp request that eagle mortality data be kept confidential and hidden from public scrutiny. Moreover, Congress, the news media, environmental groups, and concerned citizens everywhere must demand that the information be released in its entirety….  Every industry must be treated the same under our endangered species, migratory bird, and other laws.”

For decades wind industry research has been using “studies” that are actually designed to hide the harmful impacts of wind turbines. Industry-related studies on health impacts, declining real estate values, whooping crane surveys, golden eagle surveys, turbines preventing climate change, wind turbine energy potential, and, especially, bird and bat mortality, have all been manipulated through fraudulent data collection methodologies.

These data collection methods have enabled the U.S. wind industry to hide 90% or more of turbine avian and bat mortality, in my estimation, from public view.

But much more than bogus research is going on here. Research that should be conducted has been deliberately avoided, and transparency regarding wind projects is virtually non-existent....

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