NO MORE WIND TURBINES IN NEW YORK STATE GROUP Hartsville N.Y. Against Wind power Group Victims of Industrial Wind Environmentalists Against Wind Turbines PARISHVILLE-HOPKINTON WIND INFO CLEAR SKIES OVER ORANGEVILLE CSOO Cohocton Wind Watch Divide New York City and Upstate NY Divide NYS into New Amsterdam & New York New York Divided Daniel Engert The Financial Guys ON THE AIR NOW discussing Cuomo's #GreenEnergy mess here in New York State. PLEASE Call in with comments and questions!!! ‏ Re-Tweeted The Financial Guys : LIVE on @NewsRadio930 covering for @SandyWBEN We want to hear from YOU! Call or text us after this break... Citizen Power Alliance Save Ontario Shores Great Lakes Wind Truth Stop Galloo Island Wind Project Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition, Inc. - IICChttp://


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