From the Files... New York State officials admitted they knew that the noise and 'infrasound' from industrial wind turbines was a problem worldwide at the NYSERDA Environmental Stakeholders meeting specific to wind in 2009. At that meeting, former Noise Control Engineer for the New York State Public Service Commission, Dr. Dan Driscoll, testified that “infrasound” (sounds below 20 Hz) are the sounds you can’t hear, but that the body can feel. He said "infrasound" is NOT blocked by walls of residences, and it can very negatively effect the human body - especially after prolonged, continuous exposure. He said symptoms include headache, nausea, sleeplessness, dizziness, ringing in the ears, etc. Dr. Driscoll suggested that setbacks should be at least 3200 feet from the 1.5 MW turbines being installed at the time to reduce the impacts on nearby residents - which indicates setbacks from the much larger turbines being proposed today should be even greater. At the same NYSERDA meeting, New York State Dept of Health official, Dr. Jan Storm, reported that they knew infrasound associated with industrial wind turbines is a problem worldwide, but that they hadn't done any studies on it in New York State yet (even though they were/are continuing to plaster the state with them), and that there was money available via the Stimulus to do so. Here it is 9 years later, and New York State still has NOT done any studies. It is infuriating that Governor Cuomo thought it was important to do a 6-year health study re: natural gas 'fracking,' and says he 'wouldn't want his family living next to a fracking site,' but he doesn't think enough of his Western, Central & Upstate NY constituents to call for independent health studies, or cost/benefit analyses before allowing the industrialization of rural NY with sprawling industrial wind factories - obviously because Big Wind LLCs are in line with Cuomo's delusional 'green' ideology, and are BIG donors to Cuomo's campaign war chest. The link to the full NYSERDA meeting summary is contained within this summary article: NYS' Multi-Billion Dollar Energy S-WIND-LE: Documentaries on the impacts of industrial wind on U.S. rural residents, taxpayers and ratepayers: In the Shadow of Wind Farms: DOWN WIND: A Horror Story: Wind power fraud in rural NY State:


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