Gas drilling coming to the Finger Lakes?

Canandaigua, N.Y. —

The state released new environmental regulations last week for natural gas drilling, clearing the way for well permits in the Finger Lakes region. The largely untapped gas reserve, sweeping much of the state, has put many people on alert. Questions and concerns about what the drilling will mean for the environment and economy here have prompted a number of groups to join forces.

A forum on Oct. 19 in Brighton will bring together experts and property owners who live and work in the area likely to be tapped.

“We want to bring together as well-infor-med a group as possible,” said Alison Clarke, chairwoman of Canandaigua-based Center for Sustainable Living, one of the forum’s sponsors. There is a sense of urgency, said Clarke: This type of natural-gas drilling could affect water and soil quality, as well as increasing truck traffic, taking out forests and making other potentially harmful changes.

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