What causal factors move public opinion? Are you a fundamentals guy or do you believe in path dependence models so that small shocks set off a contagion/multiplier effect as everybody is talking about the "Octomom" or the "balloon boy". In the Case of Global Warming, has Al Gore's movie worn off? Or has the recession cut too deep? Or has it been too cool outside? Today in Westwood it is 85 degrees and sunny.


While this is an interesting graph, the Pew Research people don't answer the "so what". If "belief" in global warming is down, what political economy outcome will be affected? Should Al Gore have pushed for Waxman/Markey in 2006? Should he have waited to release his Nobel Prize movie until a Democrat was President?

The question posed is a slightly strange one. I don't know what "solid evidence" is. But, I do think that the trend line is related to underlying interest in the topic.


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