NY voters asked to consider land swap

NEW YORK STATE -- On Election Day the entire state will vote on the future of a six acre piece of land in the Adirondacks. National Grid needs to create a backup electrical supply for the tiny Village of Tupper Lake. To do so, it wants to use protected land to string a power line. That requires a constitutional amendment, which New Yorkers will be asked to approve November 3rd.

National Grid is offering 43 acres of land in exchange for the six acres it needs.

"It requires people throughout New York City, Albany, Syracuse to vote on this. We're just trying to educate the public them know that this is a thing for the economy in the Adirondacks it’s a good thing for the residents of the Adirondacks it’s a good thing for the environment," said Paul Ertelt, Adirondack Mountain Club spokesperson.

That vote will be seen on the ballot as "proposal one" across the state.


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