Ya think?!? Since the first wind factories were installed in New York State in 2000, New York State now has 20 installed wind factories, which - combined with ALL other renewables (ie: solar, geothermal, biomass, wood, etc) - are still generating only a combined 3% of total electricity generation in the state. "A recent NYISO study says we'll have adequate replacement power for Indian Point if no fewer than three natural gas plants go on line by 2021: the Bayonne Energy Center, transmitting from New Jersey; the CVP Valley Energy Center, under construction in Orange County; and the Cricket Valley Energy Center, under construction in Dutchess County. As of now, neither Valley Energy Center nor Cricket Valley has received all the permits needed to become operational; the state has mysteriously blocked these approvals, as well as the approvals for the pipelines needed to supply them with natural gas...." - http://ift.tt/2FRiFbM via @timesunion http://ift.tt/2Fduatb Anyone who's ever viewed the magnificent New York City skyline at night - glittering, vibrant, and reaching ever higher by the year - has seen the proof of how reliable power sources are to our economy and our quality of life in this state. For over 50 years, we've had a ready supply of 2,000 megawa...http://ift.tt/2zdPuzM


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