Batavia Daily News: Numbers sparse (only 6), but Wyoming County remains bullish on ‘green’ "Six people in Wyoming County" - what a sick joke! When the population of New York State is over 20 Million people, "$7.5 million in rebates for 5,750 consumers" means that each New York State resident who is well-enough off to have afforded their share of an electric vehicle, got to use over $1300 apiece of other people's money toward that purchase. What a blatant THEFT of other peoples' money! Once again, our energy-illiterate politicians & bureaucrats are doling out handouts to the rich at the expense of lower-income NYS residents, which ultimately drives the cost of electricity way up, and hurts the poor the most. It's a reverse Robin Hood scenario - they steal from the poor to give to the rich. And here's another major NEWS FLASH to all our energy-illiterate politicians & bureaucrats pushing this garbage --- When people plug in to charge their taxpayer/ratepayer-subsidized electric vehicle ('charging up' also appears to be at our expense), the electricity is coming from natural gas, nuclear, coal & hydro, and a measly amount (3%) is contributed by all "Other Renewables" combined (ie: wind, solar, geothermal, wood, biomass, etc). You can't guarantee where an electron is coming from when you 'plug in.' New York State politicians & bureaucrats (Republicans & Democrats alike) need look no further than their own mirrors to see who's responsible for driving this state into the sorry shape that it's in. WARSAW — It’s been a year since New York state launched the Drive Clean Rebate, awarding residents who purchase or lease a new electric car from participating dealers an incentive of up to $2,000 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support clean energy.


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