Same sad story, different Town. WHEN are New York State elected officials going to WAKE UP and call for an END to the industrial wind CONSUMER FRAUD and its' resulting, needless destruction of New York State countrysides, communities and personal health, safety, & property rights of ALL New York State residents?!? Most infuriating is the sad fact that Mr. SIgourney, and countless others like him - now stuck living in the footprints of these noisy, land-intensive, sprawling messes - have been ASSAULTED with the use of their own taxpayer and ratepayer dollars by our energy-illiterate, greed-driven crony officials (the very people who took an oath to serve & PROTECT us from such egregious assaults). The wind scam began in 2000 in New York State. 18 years later, there are 20 installed wind factories blighting once-beautiful New York State countrysides, which are averaging a pathetic annual Capacity Factor (actual output) of approximately 25% - many days providing absolutely NOTHING at all. 18 years and $BILLIONS of tax & ratepayer dollars later, wind energy - designated together with ALL 'Other Renewables' (ie: wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, etc) are now providing a measly 3% of New York State's electricity generation. If wind turbines were cars, they would have been relegated to the junk yard immediately. Who among us would buy a car that operated only 25% of the time? You wouldn't. You couldn't afford to. It's just that simple. Once turbines arrive, say goodbye to peace, quiet: Once turbines arrive, say goodbye to peace, quiet Commentary Mar 12, 2017 KEVIN SIGOURNEY I sat in my living room reading this article last night with painfully throbbing ears and a headache, due to turbine noise that penetrates through the walls of my house. The noise kept me awake until 3 a.m. I h...


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