While I applaud the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) for speaking out against Apex's proposed 'Lighthouse Wind' project, it is really quite sad that supposed "#environmental" groups like this continue to give undue credibility to the massive environmentally-destructive CONSUMER FRAUD that is industrial wind by saying such things as, "Renewable energy, including #windenergy, is an important way to cut our dependence on #fossilfuels and address global #climatechange." There is absolutely NO PROOF that industrial wind has significantly mitigated #CO2 emissions that alarmists blame as a cause of climate change - NONE. By making it a siting issue - claiming the project along the shores of Lake Ontario is just in the wrong place - ABC gives industrial wind energy undue credibility, and just kicks the can down the road to the next poor community who is going to have to fight off these Big Wind bullies, making ABC the worst of the #NIMBYs (It's OK in somebody else's backyard, just not here.) Industrial Wind is A NET LOSER - Economically, Environmentally, Technically, and Civilly. Siting of industrial wind turbines poses unacceptable risk to migrating birds: http://ift.tt/2FQPwfY http://ift.tt/2FQPwfY I am writing to express the American Bird Conservancy’s concerns about Apex Clean Energy’s plan to build the Lighthouse Wind energy project in Niagara and Orleans counties. The project proposeshttp://http://ift.tt/2zdPuzM


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