NY increases green energy output

The state Public Service Commission has increased the proportion of electricity that New York will generate from renewable sources to 30 percent by 2015.

The previous goal was to generate 25 percent from clean energy sources by 2013.

The goals are part of the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, the state’s energy policy that was created in 2004.

Today’s action by the commission is consistent with goals recently set by Gov. David Paterson. He wants to reduce overall energy use 15 percent and generate 30 percent of the state’s electricity from clean energy sources by 2015. The PSC previously adopted an initiative to reduce overall energy use by 15 percent by 2015.

“This initiative not only helps reduce emissions of global warming gases, it does so at a minimal cost to the State’s ratepayers. This initiative allows New York to take greater control of our energy future,” PSC chairman Garry Brown said.

Paterson praised the PSC’s decision. “Expanding the State’s renewable energy goal is a critical step in transitioning New York to a robust clean energy economy,” he said.


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