ALBANY, NY (01/06/2010)(readMedia)-- Governor Paterson today delivered his 2010 State of the State message to the New York State Legislature: "A Time to Rebuild: An Era of Reform & Commitment." In his agenda to "rebuild New York," the governor restates his commitment to developing in-state energy resources in an environmentally safe manner.

"As Governor Paterson charts a path to rebuild New York's economy, we applaud him for continuing to appreciate the significance of developing in-state energy supplies, including the exploration of natural gas in the Marcellus Shale," said Brad Gill, executive director of IOGA of NY. "IOGA of NY members remain committed to protecting New York's natural resources as it explores for – and extracts – natural gas."

The Marcellus Shale is America's largest natural gas deposit, and it carries the potential to greatly increase New York's energy independence, while vastly improving economic recovery and job creation.

"This is our chance to make a difference in New York and pull our state out of its current economic slump," Gill said. "We urge the legislature to support the governor and this outstanding economic opportunity and not stand in the way of expanded natural gas exploration. New York needs to act now to keep companies investing in exploring the Marcellus in New York State, to create new jobs, boost revenue for local governments and encourage the growth of clean energy production."

IOGA of NY is a trade association founded in 1980 to protect, foster and advance the common interests of oil and gas producers, professionals and related industries in the State of New York. Visit IOGA on the web and sign a petition in support of natural gas exploration at or


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