Gas-lease issues stall checks for Tier landowners

When about 40 landowners broke away from one of the area's largest gas-lease coalitions to sign a deal with Inflection Energy, they expected to receive a $2,750-per-acre bonus payment by March 3.

The checks weren't in the mail.

While the landowners from West and East Windsor and their attorney were under the impression the deal for natural gas rights below their properties was final in January, Inflection hired an Albany-based lawyer to review it before officially signing off on some documents.

When he found some issues with the lease, Inflection asked to rework the deal, according to Thomas West, the attorney hired by Inflection. Attorneys from both sides of the deal said they have now agreed on a modified deal that will pay the landowners in May, though it will ultimately be up to their clients to sign on the dotted line.

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