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US Chamber: NY Wind Projects Delayed

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, its new Project No Project report assesses the broad range of energy projects that are being stalled, stopped, or outright killed nationwide due to “Not In My Back Yard” (NIMBY) activism, a broken permitting process and a system that allows limitless challenges by opponents of development.

The study is nationwide in scope and discusses energy projects generally. New York wind projects which, per U.S. Chamber of Commerce, are unnecessarily stalled are:

•Adirondack Wind Energy Park, Gore Mountain
•Alabama Ledge Wind Farm
•Cape Wyckoff Wind Project
•Allegany Wind Farm Project
•Hardscrabble Wind Farm
•Horse Creek Wind Farm
•Jericho Rise Wind Farm
•Jones Beach Wind Farm
•Jordanville Wind Farm
•Marble River Wind Farm
•Prattsburgh Wind Farm

What is needed, according to the Chamber, is a careful consideration of how all these permitting obstacles and uncertainties and time delays can be addressed so as to speed up the processing, consideration, approval decisions, and development of many of the job creatingprojects whose progress has so far been denied.


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