KLA, Reed meet on hydrofracking

KLA (Keuka Lake Association) representatives met with US Congressman Tom Reed of the 29th US District. Discussions focused on concerns related to horizontal slick water hydrofracking for natural gas in Keuka and the other Finger Lakes.

KLA representatives stressed the value of the Finger Lakes Watershed and the importance of the wineries, tourism and agriculture in the region. The KLA urged Congressman Reed to support the EPA in its scientific study of hydrofracking.

Congressman Reed was receptive and indicated he shared in some of the KLA’s concerns. The Congressman indicated that he would encourage KLA representatives to participate in his upcoming hydrofracking meetings. Congressman Reed also suggested that the KLA should be closely working with the NYS-DEC on this issue.

The KLA believes that Keuka Lake and the Finger Lakes Watershed should be treated separately because of its unique geology, the value of its natural water resource and closeness to the surface of the Marcellus Shale layer. Furthermore, the KLA estimates that only 15-20 percent of the potential Marcellus Shale natural gas in New York State lies under the Finger Lakes due to the thinness of the shale layer in this region

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