CBOs were selected through a competitive process. The CBOs receiving contracts are:

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has selected 14 Constituency-Based Organizations (CBO) and coalitions of constituency-based organizations across the state to conduct grassroots outreach to encourage energy efficiency improvements and participation in training opportunities for green jobs.

■Pathstone (Finger Lakes Region)
■Northeast Parent and Child (Capital Region)
■Affordable Housing Partnership of the Capital Region (Capital Region)
■Adirondack North Country Association (North Country Region)
■Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation (Bronx)
■Neighborhood Housing Services of Staten Island (Kings and Richmond Counties)
■El Puente (Kings and Richmond Counties)
■Downtown Manhattan Community Development Corporation (New York County)
■Asian Americans for Equality (Queens County)
■Rural Ulster Preservation Company (Mid-Hudson Region and Westchester County)
■Long Island Progressive Coalition (Long Island)
■Public Policy and Education Fund (Central New York Region)
■Public Policy and Education Fund (Southern Tier Region)
■People United for Sustainable Housing (Western New York Region

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