Misleading Article about Wind Energy in Fort Wayne (IN) Journal Gazette
A highly misleading article, “Winds of change blow across Ohio,” by the CEO of the Van Wert (OH) Area Chamber of Commerce, Susan Monroe, was published by the Fort Wayne (IN) Journal Gazette on October 7, 2013.[1]
 Ms. Monroe claims that the 304 Megawatt (MW) Blue Creek Wind Farm,[2] built in Northwestern Ohio by a subsidiary of Spain-based Iberdrola, provides substantial energy and economic benefits.
However, her claims appear to be based heavily on information from Iberdrola, not on an objective analysis of facts about wind energy.  Those facts call into question key points made in the article.  For example, Ms. Monroe appears to not know that:
·        Electricity from wind is very high in true cost and low in true value.[3]
·        The principal reasons that companies such as Iberdrola build “wind farms” (including Blue Creek) are generous government tax breaks and subsidies provided to “wind farm” owners.
·         The cost of government financial subsidies for wind energy are borne by taxpayers, including Ohio taxpayers, and are in addition to the cost of electricity from wind that shows up in electric bills.
·        Her favorable appraisal of wind energy ignores the adverse environmental,[4] economic, electric system reliability, scenic and property value impacts of “wind farms.”..... 
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