The U.S. Corn-to-Ethanol Program 
..... The US has been spending energy and other resources which produced CO2 emissions, and billions of dollars for about 8 years to build out the enterprise (cropping + corn-to-ethanol processing + gather/transport/blending), plus spending about 30 - 45 billion dollars in subsidies, tax credits and depreciation write-offs to achieve next to nothing regarding reducing the CO2 equivalent emissions of light duty vehicles. In fact, the corn-to-ethanol enterprise, on an A to Z basis, likely produced a net INCREASE in CO2 emissions.

Far greater CO2 emission reductions, at a much lesser use of energy and other resources, and at a much lesser capital cost, would be achieved just by increasing the CAFE requirements. No wonder the US corn-to-ethanol program is seen as an expensive, ineffective folly in foreign lands.....

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