Submitted to the Buffalo News in response to opinion piece there, yet to be published.

"First, Do No Harm"

Claims in Dr. Lockwood’s 4/12/15 opinion piece, "No evidence of health damage caused by wind turbines," deserve scrutiny to prevent further damages, and perpetration of a consumer fraud, upon all New York State (NYS) taxpayers and ratepayers.
Dismissing the lengthy list of well-documented problems being experienced world-wide by those now stuck living TOO CLOSE to industrial wind factories, without examining the volumes of information now available on the subject, is contrary to the doctor's moral code: "First, do no harm." 

So many neighbors were complaining in Wisconsin, that Duke's Shirley wind factory was dubbed a “Human Health Hazard."  Here in western New York, Orangeville citizens are now suing for $40 Million due to the negative effects they are experiencing from turbines sited too close to their homes. Though officials have known about the problems caused by wind turbine ‘infrasound’ for decades, tapping into taxpayers’ wallets is trumping the health and safety of rural citizens everywhere. 

NYS officials admitted they knew 'infrasound' from wind turbines was a problem worldwide at NYSERDA’s June, 2009 meeting specific to wind.

Former NYS Public Service Commission Noise Control Engineer, Dr. Dan Driscoll, testified that 'infrasound' (sounds below 20 Hz) are sounds you can’t hear, but that the body can feel.  Dr. Driscoll said that 'infrasound' is NOT blocked by walls of homes, and it can very negatively affect the human body - especially after prolonged, continuous exposure.  He said symptoms include headache, nausea, sleeplessness, dizziness, ringing in the ears, etc.  (Sleeplessness can lead to numerous health issues.)

NYS Dept of Health official, Dr. Jan Storm, reported that they knew 'infrasound' associated with wind turbines is a problem worldwide, but that NYS hadn't done any studies on it yet, even though there was money available via the Stimulus.  (NYS still has NOT conducted any independent health studies, while continuing to inflict these machines on top of residents.)

The NYSERDA meeting summary report is here.

Regarding Dr. Lockwood’s fears about "Global Warming" - There is no way that an average temperature increase of a few tenths of a degree over the past 50 years could have caused health impacts of any kind. Due to clean air rules already in place, emissions from coal-fired plants have been dramatically reduced over the past 40 years. The EPA even admits that power plants emit barely 3% of all mercury in U.S. air and water. 

Since Industrial wind needs constant “shadow capacity” from fossil-fired generators (to cover for its inherent unreliability), wind actually locks us into dependence on fossil fuels. Despite $Trillions spent worldwide, wind generation has NOT significantly reduced CO2 emissions – anywhere.

Since wind:
1) is NOT significantly reducing CO2,
2) locks us into dependence on fossil fuels,
3.) harms those TOO CLOSE,  and
4) inflicts exorbitant personal, economic, environmental, & civil costs  

WHY would anyone be pushing such a damaging, costly, non-solution?

Mary Kay Barton

Mary Kay Barton is a retired New York State-certified Health Educator, Cornell-certified Master Gardener, NYS small business owner, and a tireless advocate for scientifically-sound energy policies which provide reliable, affordable electricity for all Americans.  She has served over the past decade in local Water Quality organizations and enjoys gardening and birding in her National Wildlife Federation “Backyard Wildlife Habitat.”


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