Allowing Industrial Wind Factories to be Sited on Top of Rural-Residential New York State Citizens!

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced that he would NOT want his family living next to a fracking site, after a 6-year health study New York State just completed on 'fracking.' 

It is quite sad that Governor Cuomo and his Administration do NOT think enough of their New York State constituents to call for independent health studies on the the "infrasound" generated by industrial wind factories, before plastering Upstate NY residents with these USELESS WIND LEMONS - even after New York State officials admitted they knew 'infrasound' from wind turbines was a problem worldwide at the NYSERDA meeting specific to wind back in 2009.  Excerpts from that meeting:

Former Noise Control Engineer for the New York State Public Service Commission, Dr. Dan Driscoll, testified that “infrasound” (sounds below 20 Hz) are the sounds you can’t hear, but that the body can feel. He said "infrasound" is NOT blocked by walls of residences, and it can very negatively affect the human body - especially after prolonged, continuous exposure. He said symptoms include headache, nausea, sleeplessness, dizziness, ringing in the ears, etc. 

NYS Dept of Health official, Dr. Jan Storm, reported that they know infrasound associated with wind turbines is a problem worldwide, but that they hadn't done any studies on it in NYS yet (even though they were/are continuing to plaster the state with them), and that there was money available via the Stimulus (that was in 2009, and they still haven't done any studies).   

The link to summary report of the NYSERDA meeting can be found within this article:

For more information on the problems that are occurring world-wide from wind turbines, also see:

Wind Farms and Health


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