"There were provisions in both the House and Senate Tax Reform Bills that would have curtailed it [the Wind Production Tax Credit]. Remember, the PTC was started in 1992, introduced by Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, as a “temporary” subsidy to get the wind energy industry on its feet. Now, 26 years and $176 BILLION in taxpayer subsidies later, it seems it’s still not on its feet.... At what cost? Federal taxpayer subsidies for wind energy are predicted to cost $23.7 billion between 2016 and 2020. Do the math. Each job costs the taxpayer $474,000. Does that make sense? It does for some. Next Era Energy, the world’s biggest producer of wind energy didn’t pay federal income tax from 2008 to 2015. Instead, they received a net credit of $313 million. Mid-American Energy (Warren Buffet) received $249 million in federal tax credits last year and $5.5 billion in tax credits and subsidies from wind energy, to date. Buffet is now building another 1,000 turbines over the next couple years to add to his 2020 turbines he owns now. According to OpenSecrets.org, in the election cycles 2016-2018 (to date) Senator John Thune received $130,500 and Rep. Kristi Noem $5,000 from Next Era Energy. Sen. Mike Rounds received $68,600 from Berkshire Hathaway and $41,500 from Next Era..... (Take note of the crony-corruptocrats names who are taking money from Big Wind developers and VOTE THE BUMS OUT!) Wind energy is the biggest example of crony capitalism in our lifetime. Wind turbines are only “subsidy meters,” nothing else. It’s sad to see our state and rural living destroyed for the financial gain of multi-national corporations, lobbyists and politicians." Why the recent ‘hype’ for wind energy? http://argusne.ws/2E1vluA http://argusne.ws/2E1vluA http://ift.tt/2zdPuzM


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